November 05, 2011

November already!

Been a crazy year! I am sitting here waiting for my first Baby to be born any day in my new house I moved into this year! That sentence in itself can pretty much sum up how busy it has been!..

Still have found lots of time for my vinyl collection though!!.. Been adding some great titles and discovering some great "new to me" artists!

A few new additions to the collection:

Leadbelly-Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Whew, what can I say about this LP.. So much talent so long ago.. I love this old folksy stuff.. Just Leadbelly and his 12-string guitar (or sometimes no guitars at all)... singing about the times back in the early 20th century... This guy is the image of a "Bad Ass".. How many times was this guy in jail? For everything from carrying guns, stabbing people and... well... even killing a guy.. Not that I can agree with a person doing all those things, but I can't even imagine what it would be like for a Black guy back in the early 1900's.. So Im sure he had some motives for his crimes..

I think this one song he sang on this album pretty much sums up these times for him!

On a Monday (I'm almost done)
On a Monday, I was arrested
On a Tuesday, I was locked up in jail
On a Wednesday, my trial was attested
On a Thursday, nobody would go my bail
Almost done, I'm almost done, almost done
And I ain't gonna bring them yellow women no pail
Take these stripes, stripes from around my shoulder
Take these chains, these chains from around my legs
Lord, these stripes, it sure don't worry me
But these chains, these chain's gonna kill me dead
Yes, I'm almost done, almost done, almost done
And I ain't gonna bring them yellow women no pail
On Friday, my baby went a-walking
On a Saturday, she locked me outa the door
On a Sunday, we were sitting down a-talking
On a Monday, she pawned all of my clothes

I really enjoyed this LP.... (and I never knew he wrote "Black Betty"!)

Herbie Mann - Waterbed

Don't have much to say about this LP except I never thought a "flute" player could play such great music. I really enjoy this jazz LP.. All the band is just amazing and I can't wait to get more from Herbie Mann.

Bonnie Raitt - Give it up

This is the second album by Bonnie Raitt, released in 1972. Her singing is amazing throughout this LP, and man can this girl play the slide guitar. She is one of these singers that I always liked but never gave an album a play all the way through. I recently acquired a collection with three of her earlier albums and I can't stop listening to them now. She is definetly near the top of my list for most wanted LP's. Can't wait to get my hands on more of her stuff.. Especially the early albums..

September 26, 2011

Sly & The Family Stone Medley

Read on the news today that Sly Stone is homeless living in a Van on the side of the road. A shame drugs ruined this guy so bad.. Such talent.. Apparently he has hundreds of songs written in his van kept on a laptop.. hopefully he can get clean and share them someday before it is to late!

Pink Floyd pig flies again - Arts & Entertainment - CBC News

Part of me wished the pig got away from them and floated across town like it happened at the original photo shoot!!

Pink Floyd pig flies again - Arts & Entertainment - CBC News

Where do you get your vinyl?

Collecting vinyl LPs has been a part of my everyday life as of late. When I take on a hobby I always approach it as “all or nothing”. This is just my personality. In order for me not to feel guilty of buying all these records I do it strictly on a budget. My goal is to get the best quality records at the lowest possible price (I guess that’s everybody’s goal… how am I different?... I actually achieve it!).. 

FLEA MARKETS: I cannot get over the prices that people feel records are worth at flea markets... For example.. I use to go to the local flea market to TRY and add titles to my collection.. Well this did not last long.. As a matter of fact I think I may have only bought one or two albums this way.. Are these people serious? One guy was selling “Michael Jackson – Thriller” for $100!!.. What? Am I missing something here? Isn’t this the single best selling album ever? It has sold anywhere between 65 and 100 million copies.. MILLION.. and this was released in 1982.. when EVERYBODY had a turntable… It never ceases to amaze me of how much people charge for this lp.. probably 6 or 7 times a year I see it pop up on Fredericton Kijiji.. titled “Rare Michael Jackson LP”. Any album is rarer than this.. BEST SELLING ALBUM EVER!.. 

EBAY: I cannot complain about ebay really. I have been very fortunate to have had  a lot of luck buying albums this way. The best bang for your buck is always combining shipping.. When I find a new artist I like I usually start buying a “lot of LPs” from this artist. The auctions seem to work best for me. I am a very picky ebay shopper, I always research my sellers feedback prior. Some people can have 100% feedback selling over 1000 items, but more times than others, these were not LPs they sold. So my only advice is to research your sellers. And when you find someone that treated you well, add them to your favorites and keep looking at their new listings. I probably bought 50 lps from one seller alone! 

WORD OF MOUTH: This is hands down the best way I get my vinyl. I cannot count how many full collections I have purchased. Whenever somebody finds out that I collect vinyl, they always have the “uncle” or “friend” who has a dusty box of records. This is definitely my favorite way to collect. Besides the fact that I can get hundreds of albums at once, this is the best way for me to discover new artists. If I find a collection of say 100 records, and 10 of them are artists I know and like, then the other 90 are unknown to me. These are the best collections in my opinion. I can’t wait to try these unknowns out!... You can really find out a lot about people from their taste in music also.. I bought one lady’s collection of 800 lps.. and couldn’t get over her taste. We became pretty good friends and discuss music all the time!. This is not the best way for all people to collect records as a lot of people don’t want a collection quite as large as my own (why not, I don’t understand!). Plus you get lots of multiple copies (like my endless supply of “dark side of the moon” LPs). I like this part though, these are just records for me to trade with others or pass on to people starting their own collection. 

AMAZON: My number one source for new vinyl. I would like to say support your local record store but when the vinyl is priced this low (“Nirvana- Nevermind” 4 lp Deluxe, $50 on amazon vs $75 local)… it’s a no brainer. Speaking for myself only, this vinyl guy can’t throw 50% more cash towards vinyl when you buy as much as I do..

If anyone has some other ideas of where to find them I am all ears!

September 25, 2011

The new Casa-Dia Vinyl Records!

Hello All,

Been a while since I last posted.. A lot going on in Casa-Dia land..... . to sum it up in a sentence.... First Baby for this family is on the way and there is only two more months left!! Can't wait!!... little "Rocky" will be here before I know it.. (kidding, I couln't convince her on that name, trust me, I tried!!)

So with the new baby on the way I decided to size down my vinyl record obbsession.. which turned out to be a real eye opener for me....

When I first started Casa-Dia it was all about selling as many records as I could so I could get more and more collections in at low cost. Once I decided to scale down I found that all the time I put into acquiring new records and selling them was less time I had to concentrate on my own collection. My main priority was looking for records that my customers were looking for, no time spent on my own collection!

So the past few months have been dedicated to perfecting my own vinyl collection (and getting the home ready for a baby!)

I have been doing plenty of listening and giving artists a second chance that I made quick judgements about early on in my life...


Queen - Don't know what it was about Queen that I could just never get the urge to crank up a Queen lp... Since Queen was one of the most sought after artists  my customers were looking for, I decided to give it a second shot!... Loving it.. can't get over the strength of Freddy's voice and passion behind all of the music.. One of the artists I simply pushed aside too quickly in my younger, cocky, "I only listen to the cool music", time of my life.. All the effort I put into not liking this band was made up within 50 minutes of listening to " A night at the Opera".

Bob Dylan - First off, I always loved Bob Dylan. There was never a time in my life I never appreciated Bob Dylan and respected him.. But in the past (say six) months I approached Dylan an entirely new way.. The way I should have from the beginning.. As a poet more than a singer... See when I grew up it was all about playing guitar and drums.. and the music I listened to most of thr time was the music that guitars and drums were the primary focus.. Now that the twenties are behind me I think it was time for me to start concentrating more on the lyrics.. Once I decided this it was hard to ignore Dylan... I am deffinetly a bigger fan of his story telling more than his heartbreak songs, but I appreciate it all at a whole new level..

More of the Artists I have a new found respect for will come in my future posts but I dont want to ramble on too much about these now..

So for now I would like to introduce the brand new Casa-Dia Vinyl records blog.. Probably be a bit of a turnover of my past readers who were looking for records.. As I find it way to stressful trying to deliver records to people on their own schedule (never on my own, always have to be ready when others are ready) I decided to concentrate this site on my own journey to get the perfect (in my eyes) Vinyl record collection..This weekend alone I had three people who either said they were going to be droppiong by to pick up an album or available at a time to meet to buy an album, and every one of them had "something" come up.. therefore I wasted my time waiting..I don't mean to make this sound negative towards any of my past customers, I understand you all have things to do and people to see, and believe it or not I do too... however my weekends and evenings will no longer be spent waiting on others...

So I welcome all who wish to share my journey and bid farewell to all who's "schedule" does not meet mine!.. I plan on making this site a combination of my passion for vinyl, as well as my passion for writing!